Thank You for the Energy, Earth!

Thank You for the Energy, Earth!

4 Tips For Loading Up Your Dumpster

Tracy Graham

When you rent a dumpster, you get access to a lot of space to throw things away. You will want to use that space most effectively and efficiently, which requires a little knowledge about the best way to load it up.

1. Keep Things Balanced

When you add stuff to the dumpster, you need to pay attention to what it weighs and where you put it. When adding heavy items, you are going to want to spread out the load. You are going to want to place heavy items evenly throughout the dumpster.

For example, if you are throwing away something heavy, like furniture, put one piece near the front, one near the middle, and one near the back of the container. This will make it safer for the truck that comes and loads up the container. Spreading out the weight will also help ensure that the dumpster stays evenly in place and doesn't tip or move in any way while on your property.

2. Add Bulky Items First

When it comes to adding items to the dumpster, you will want to put bulky items at the bottom. Once you have the bulky items in place, you can fill up all around them with smaller items.

If you put the bulky items on top, you will not have room to fill up around them, and you will lose out on valuable space, and you run the risk of overfilling your dumpster past the fill line, which will result in a fee.

3. Break Things Down

Next, when you put things into the dumpster, you will want those items to be in the smallest possible form. That is why you will want to break items down before you throw them away.

If you are throwing away drywall, break it down as small as possible. If you are throwing away cardboard boxes, take the time to flatten and cut up the boxes. Investing a little time in breaking things down will allow you to utilize the space in the dumpster fully.

When items are in their smallest possible form, you will be able to place more items into the container and maximize the space.

4. Don't Go Too High

Finally, don't fill the dumpster too full. There is a fill line on the side of the container. If the debris exceeds that line, the dumpster company can't safely or legally transport the dumpster as it is. They will have to bring out another dumpster and unload the trash until they get the original dumpster below the fill line. This requires extra equipment, personnel, and time and can result in a hefty fee that you will have to pay.

That is why you should never go above the fill line, and if you find yourself approaching it, ask for a second dumpster or ask them for the dumpster to be picked up, dumped, and returned.

When filling up your dumpster rental, put bulky items on the bottom and spread out the weight. Break things down as small as possible and fill in around the bulky items to maximize the space you are using. Never overfill the dumpster, as that can add fines to your rental costs.

For more information on dumpster rentals, contact a company like Tri-State Disposal.


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